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thumbnailSplashy fish is the most popular and addictive online flash game on the internet these days. It is a simple game where you should navigate the main hero - a little fish between the obstacles without doing any harm to it. This game has broken all top game rates, and now you can play online splashy fish on pc, in your web browser. The game seems to be straightforward, with not very fancy graphics. The plot is simple - in this game, you need to hold the fish, and splash between the towers trying to maintain the main hero unharmed. You press the button and the fish swims up a bit, and then begins to dive down. If you are flying close - do not worry, because even in this situation you gain a few points that is not so easy as it seems. Despite thousands of angry comments, the fame of the game splashy fish does not fall as even after countless failures, the amazing dependence on the game will not let you give up until you reach a happy ending to beat a new record! The game is not as simple as it seems and it is a bit hard to cope with it. In order to swim further you will need to develop a good sense of rhythm. This task is hard to do for the impatient people as the height under the sea and between towers is constantly changing. Anyway, you can control the game by clicking your mouse repeatedly. When you click, the fish swims up. Remember - do not make it swim too low or it will die. This addictive flash game is a different version of the original game called flappy bird that is why the rules and story line is extremely close to the original one. If you can cover long distances, then you are able to receive special points and bonuses. These points allow you to be the owner of 10 trophies related to the design and outlook of the fish. For example, if you get 10 points, golden little wings will appear on your fish. If you can achieve 50 points than the fish will gat rock star glasses and if you can hit 100 points then the redfish will transform into the goldfish, etc. Breaking all records does not require a lot of strength and skill. Do not give up even after numerous unsuccessful attempts to beat the previous record, go a little further, and cover the longest distance. Although the game is very difficult, you can pass it if you play accurately and calculate the time for splashes. Time flies by, and the game splashy fish will excite you! That is why such simple and primitive game, with simple quality graphics, has become wildly popular. So, do not let a little fish fall to the ground and not to hurt the main hero long tube through which you want to fly quickly.
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